Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Baby Registering and Furniture Shopping

Ok we went to Babies R Us to register this past weekend. What an experience! We keep discussing different options on baby monitors. Of course I want a video monitor. My sister said it is the best thing and gives you piece of mind when you can see the baby sleeping peacefully. Speedy was stunned that I wanted a monitor that was $139. I thought that was a good price. But this one was not in color. Little does he know, I switched it to a color one online. The new one is $179. Better quality and reception! It's not my fault all the good things are expensive. I think we have finalized our decision on the nursery theme- Mickey Mouse playing sports. He wanted sports and I wanted a Disney character so it worked out perfectly.

We are still going back and forth on baby furniture. We have looked at Babies R Us, USA Baby and Baby's First Furniture. We really like one at USA Baby and Babies R Us. We will be making our final decision soon, we hope. We can't wait to get the nursery together! So far I have stuff all over the baby's room. At the end of the day on Sunday, Speedy threw himself on one of the beds at Babies R Us and said that this stuff was exhausting. I noticed a man laugh at him as he was trying to calm down his toddler. I figure we better enjoy this stuff now! The first picture is furniture from USA Baby, the second is Babies R Us and the third is the theme for the nursery.


Heather and Mark said...

I like the first pic, but then again, I'm a fan of the dark wood furniture. Looks sharp, that would be be choice. :) Just throwing in my opinion for what it's worth. ;) lol.

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