Friday, November 7, 2008

He kicked Daddy

I've been noticing the baby kicking at night, right before I got to bed, lately. Everytime I feel him kick hard, I yell for Speedy to come feel my tummy. Well, last night, we came back from the movies, and sure enough he started kicking hard. Speedy finally felt him kick! He was amazed to feel his hard kick : ) Well, I sure hope we have a professional soccer player in my tummy. ha ha

I am attaching a 22 week pregnant picture. It's not great quality- I took it with my iphone, but I keep forgetting to take tummy pictures.

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Heather and Mark said...

I loooove feeling the kicks! Aren't they fun? I wish mark was here to feel them too, I can't wait until he gets back in january so he can put his hand on my tummy! :) Love your pic, you look super cute!