Friday, December 19, 2008

7 month Doctor's Appointment

I went to the doctor yesterday and we heard Jayden's heartbeat : ) The nurse said I've gained 2 lbs. from the last month I was there and my blood pressure was still low. I'm surprised it is as low as it is (106/62) when normal is 120/80. I'll take all the good news I can get. I will have to come back next week to do the glucose test (ugghh) and then Friday we get to see Jayden again in another ultrasound! The last time I had one was at 5 months so I am curious to see how big he's gotten. The friboids have gotten bigger too so I'm curious to see how big those suckers have gotten. Hopefully my placenta has moved up a little bit, but we will wait and see. I am starting to really like Dr. Cohan because she is so calm about everything. She still has not ruled that a C-Section is the only way Jayden is coming out, even though I know it will most likely be one.

Today we bought some more stuff for the nursery. It is starting to come together! Enjoy the pictures!!!

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Heather and Mark said...

I have to do that glucose test when I go back to savannah...I don't want to either!! yuck, let me know how yours goes. Post more ultrasound pics next time you go! No worries about the blood pressure, mine was 111 last time and 108 the time before...don't remember what the bottom number were though. ;)