Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy New Year and Baby Showers!

Ok, so I am starting to slack on here. I've been getting so lazy : ) I love to sleep!

We spent New Year's Eve with my family at my sister's in laws house. It was a nice and laid back night. Ring in 2009- This is the year Jayden will be born!!! I had my first Baby Shower that my in laws threw for me on January 10th. It was so nice to see the family and open gifts : )

Jayden was almost 3 lbs. at my 28 week ultrasound, so I am curious to see how much bigger he is getting. Dr. Cohan still says there is no way to tell if I am still having a C Section. Darn it! I want the peace of mind of a C Section, but we will see as I get further along. He is already head down- so he is ready to come out which ever way I guess! The fibroids are not really in the way since the big one is at the top of my belly and placenta is not covering my cervix anymore. I will see her again in a couple of weeks, and I'm sure I will get another ultrasound soon.

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