Sunday, February 15, 2009

35 weeks Doctor's Appointment

We went to the doctor last Thursday. I have been having contractions since I was 6 months pregnant, but I noticed they've been getting a little bit stronger. They still do not hurt, it just squeezes the heck out of me! My doctor checked, and sure enough I was already dilated 2 cm. Which is not a lot, but combined with the contractions, not good. Of course the first thing my doctor asks is what I'm doing at work. I'm on my feet all day, driving and pulling samples in and out of my car! I haven't been to conscious of how hard I am on my body, because everything has been ok with Jayden. But I knew at one point, my body would just get tired. So, right away she put me on bedrest. She wants me on rest for two weeks until Jayden is at least 37 weeks which is full term. At least it is two weeks and I think we both will be okay until then. She also told me to keep taking the albuterol she gave me last time. I thought it was to control the pain of the contractions, but it's actually to stop them! So, I've been taking one in the morning and one at night. We have an ultrasound appointment on Tuesday afternoon, and hopefully we'll get to find out how big he is! I am sure I will get bored out of my mind these next few weeks, but I am planning on reading lots of books. Good thing Speedy will take me to my mom's every morning and pick me up after work, which is not bad at all. So, now it's the waiting game- he can come out anytime now!

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