Wednesday, February 18, 2009

36 Week Appointment

Ok, so I went in yesterday to see my doctor for 36 week appointment. She quickly checked the baby's position- he is still head down. I told her that the contractions are better with the medicine and the bedrest, but after next week, I have to go back to work. So, I am enjoying this nice little break. I thought I would be bored out of my mind, but no. I've been catching up on my reading- I just finished BabyWise, and now I'm onto Happiest Baby on the Block. And I've been eating nice home cooked meals (that my mom has been making)! I also lost 3 lbs from the last appointment. Everyone says near the end of the pregnancy you have no room to eat, no worries, I do not have that problem! So, after the appointment next week, we are going to the Galleria for 3 hours! I do not want to go to work, even though a couple days of working will bring him right out- I'm on my feet all day! So, now we are on the home stretch! I'm actually excited still. I'm not going to think about L&D yet. I will cross that road when I get there. The contractions do not hurt at all- just a lot of tightness. We asked the doctor yesterday how do we really know that it is a contraction- she said, it feels really tight and it feels like you can't talk. Well, I get that, and no pain (I know for now only), I'll take it!

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