Thursday, March 5, 2009

Going Home Today!

We are getting ready to be discharged from the hospital. We are excited to be going home and starting our life with Jayden! Everything is great with Jayden- all his tests are good. He is nursing well and we are also supplementing with formula. He loves it when Daddy gives him a bottle! I definitely felt the pain of labor these last couple of days. My tailbone is getting better but that sucker was bruised or something. I also did get a 2nd degree episiotomy, so that is not fun- but I can't complain at all! The pain meds have been helping as well.

I told Speedy he has been awesome with Jayden. He asks so many questions and I'm surprised the nurses have not told him off yet, but they are so nice and helpful with all his questions. I could not have done any of this without him. I told him that on Tuesday night and he said- Thank you for bringing our beautiful son into this world!

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Angela Skrabanek said...


It is so beautiful to see such a happy new family! Katherine you look beautiful; not like you just had a baby! Jayden is an angel so so cute can't wait to meet him! I always knew as I am sure you did that Benito would make an amazing father; such a natural with kids! You are very lucky! I totally know what your going through with that level 2 episiotomy! UGH! It heels quick; 1 week or so won't even know it! It is all worth the pain every bit of it when you gaze into the eyes of your own child part of two people now one! When you have a child to me, you truly do feel one with your husband as you have this amazing child that is a piece of both of your hearts! You will never know love like you do now! Cherish every expression, every cry! It goes by too fast! God bless your new family, may he bless you with rest, a baby that sleeps, patience and good health! Welcome to the wonderful world of motherhood! I wouldn't trade being a "mommy" for the world!