Saturday, September 24, 2011

Jayden- Post procedure Update

Jayden and his cousin Mateo the afternoon of his procedure.

Jayden 1 day post procedure.

Jayden 2 days post procedure.

Jayden 3 days post procedure.

Jayden has been doing well! He has not been bothered at all by his scab that has now grown where birthmark was. We gave him Tylenol when we got home from the hospital and that has been it. He is such a strong little boy : ) The pictures show his healing post procedure. Thank you all for your messages and for checking on him! We will go back for a follow up appt first week of October. I'm sure we will get biopsy results then too. We feel God's peace and healing hand on Jayden!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jayden is 2.5 years old

Jayden in early Sept. 2011. Birthmark on left side of his nose.

Jayden a few hours after his procedure on Sept. 21, 2011.

Wow! It has been over 1 1/2 years since I've updated our family blog. I figured this is a good time as any to update.
Jayden was 27 lbs 9 oz and 36 1/2 in tall at his 2 1/2 year check up. He is average for height and about 20% percentile for weight. He's always been my skinny boy : ) He has grown to have such a great personality and is just full of joy! He loves, loves Toy Story, as well as Cars, dinosaurs and Diego. He goes to a Children's Day Out program 2 days a week and loves his teachers this year.
Jayden had outpatient surgery today. He was born with a nevus (technical name for birthmark). Our first pediatrician told us it would go away on its own. We were so hopeful! As his nose grew, nevus grew, unfortunately. We took him to his first dermatologist when he was 11 months old. He suggested plastic surgery because it could not be done in the office. We went to go see Dr. Hollier at Texas Children's in the Medical center the summer of 2010, at almost 18 months. He told me the first thing to do was to put a cream that would burn off the first layer of his skin where nevus was. We made an appt to do procedure in Sept. 2010. We cancelled the appt because we were still not sure where God wanted us to go. I was referred to Dr. Bree, pediatric dermatologist in Sept. 2010. She was great! Jayden loved her. She did not want me to put Jayden through procedure. She wanted to keep track of his nevus to watch for any suspicion of malignancy, even though it was < 1%. We saw her again 6 months later when Jayden was 2 years old. I was really hopeful we could do something for Jayden's nevus. She brought it up again and actually suggested to go ahead and do procedure with Dr. Hollier. She told us, Jayden was the only patient she would suggest the procedure to because his nevus was pretty much on the surface of skin and she thought it would work on him. After a few appeals with our insurance company, they were claiming cosmetic reasons, we were set up for Sept. 21, Today! We still prayed for God's guidance and asked Him for wisdom. We both felt at peace with our decision.
We checked in at 715am and Jayden played with all the toys. They had a ton! About 830am, they called us back and Jayden changed to his TCH pajamas. I dressed up like a "bunny" (scrub suit) and took Jayden with me and doctors at 9am for the anesthesia. We had talked to him about the mask, he has done breathing treatments in the past. Thank God for making it easier in that sense! We started counting and by the time we got to 20, he was out. I laid him on the bed and nurses led me out. At that point I almost lost it, but God quickly reassured my fears.
B and I went to waiting area and within 20 mins, they called us back. We walked in to recovery area and he was fighting nurses as they tried to out restraints on his little arms so he would not scratch his nose. (We later told him that they wear Buzz Lightyear arm bands! To infinity and beyond!) He was out for a little longer but we could still make sense of what he was saying. We gave him a popsicke, and almost made him throw up. But Thank God, he didn't! We left TCH at about 1030am. He has not complained since we've been home. We will give him Tylenol as needed. He also had his nevus biopsied and are at peace that God has this! I'm not even sure when we will get results but are following up with Dr. Hollier in a week or so. The skin will be red for a bit but right now it just look really dark brown. It will also scab and must keep Jayden away from it. Easier said than done.
We ask for continued prayers. Prayers for quick recovery, awesome results from his biopsy and are very hopeful this procedure will work and
he will not need anymore.
I'm gone for a while end up writing a novel.