Sunday, October 2, 2011

Jayden Update and the Zoo

Friday Sept 30, 2011

Saturday Oct. 1st

Jayden and mama at the zoo
Jayden and papa at the zoo

Jayden has been doing really well. His scar did not bother him at all, thank God! The scab started to fall off almost a week after surgery. It completely fell off by Saturday, October 1st. We can see a bit of his birthmark is still there, and the rest is showing pink where the scab was. He has a follow up appt with Dr. Hollier this Tuesday, Oct. 4th. We will learn from his biopsy results (we stand in faith that he has no issues to worry about but we always ask for prayers! : ) ), and will ask the doctor what his thoughts are on his healing. I will update as soon as I can from the appt.
We also went to the zoo on saturday. It was a beatiful day and Jayden had a blast at the zoo. His favorite animals are elephants and giraffes. It was definitely packed and we got to enjoy free admission. All Bank of America account holders get into nation wide zoos and museums for free every first full weekend of the month. We enjoyed the Children's Museum a couple of months ago and this past weekend, the zoo.
Enjoy the pictures.

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