Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jayden's Follow up appointment

Jayden on Oct. 4. Can you tell he is ready for Halloween? If you can see from picture, he's wearing his Woody costume already!

Jayden and I went to Texas Childrens in the Med Center today to see Dr. Hollier. His biopsy results came out perfectly normal (Praise the Lord!) and the doctor is really impressed at how well he is healing (again, Praise the Lord!). He suggested doing another procedure in 3-4 months to take the last bit that is left. I will send him a picture in 2 months and we will decide from there. We will again leave it all up to God and He will guide us in what direction to take. We are so grateful for His blessing at how well Jayden has done with this process. It's not one we ever wanted to take but comepletely have felt God's presence through it.
Thank you family and friends for your prayers.
The Gonzales Family

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