Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas is in the air!

Twinkling christmas tree and a moving Jayden

Trying out shots with Princess and my twinkling tree

Christmas is 10 days away! We have been so busy in December with birthday parties, Soccer Tots and Christmas parties. Jayden's last day of school was today and he was so excited for the festivities. I am off for the last two weeks of the year and B will be taking off a few days as well. I am looking forward to relaxing with Jayden, my sister, nephew and my mom. We have a few activities planned (including ice skating at Discovery Green) next week, and hopefully the Festival of Lights in Moody Gardens. I am also excited to be getting a new lens for my camera (from Santa : ) )! The pictures above took me a long time to figure out and they still did not come out as well as I liked. I am really looking forward to pursuing photography!
We are also so grateful for this year! My sister's health, and of course all our wonderful family and friends!

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