Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011: The year of Learning

Jayden and I on New Year's Eve.

B and I on New Year's Eve.

Happy New Year!
As I reflect back on 2011, I realized that this was definitely the year of Learning. It started off in January as I learned of a Specialty position that became vacant at work. I applied and with God's blessing, got the promotion. Oh what a learning experience that was! It has been the most challenging learning experience in my career. Not only that, I had to learn to again balance my career with motherhood. We also had to learn to raise & discipline a 2 year old! Jayden is such a happy and free-spirited child. In other words, he needed boundaries! He is not afraid of much and as his parents, we learned how important discipline or lack there of, is. In the summer we decided to go ahead and get Jayden's birthmark removed. What a trusting and learning experience that was. Going back & forth and learning to trust God with our son was a new experience for us. Even now, 3 months after, we are learning to be patient. Whether to wait for healing or to have another procedure to remove the last layer. All we know, is that we have trust the Lord that His Will will be revealed to us.
Lastly, learning to be patient. We have to be patient and wait for God to bless our family. We are already so blessed beyond words! Learning to trust in His perfect Will is tough when we have our own "plans" in mind. I always go back to Eli's healing (my sister) when I am saddened that our "plans" are not coming to pass. Eli was diagnosed with Grade 3 brain cancer. She had no idea what the outcome would be. All she did was trust that God would get her through it. That was His promise to her- healing. She waited 9 months that included craniotomy, radiation and chemotherapy. It was 9 months later that her faith in Him finally paid off. On February 26th, 2010, she received news that there were no more tumors in her brain! I always go back to that day. When I feel my patience is lacking, I learn all over again what true patience is. Patience to trust in the Lord with all your heart, no matter how things "may" look.
So thank you 2011! I have learned many things: to be so grateful for my family & friends, their health & safety and most importantly, I learned God's Will and timing is always perfect! So here is to an amazing 2012 filled with lots of blessings & grateful joy for each of you!

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Crystal said...

Katherine, beautiful post and reflection on 2011. Prayers for many more blessings in 2012 ~