Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mateo's 4th birthday party

The birthday boy!

The Mora and Gonzales' families.

The Mora family.

Lexi at Mateo's birthday party.

Mateo, my nephew, is turning 4 tomorrow January 16th. My sister and brother in law celebrated his birthday yesterday at their house. It was a beautiful day and the kids had a lot of fun playing outside in the playground with all the toys. I also took the chance to take pictures of Lexi. Her dad and Pedro (brother in law) have been friends since 4th grade- long time! LOL. I'll post those pictures as well.
I still remember the feeling the day Mateo was born like it was yesterday. Driving home that night from the hospital, was an unbelievable feeling mixed with all kinds of emotions but most amazing was the love I felt for my nephew! Even though he was not my own son, I had such a strong connection right away. Must be the twin thing between Eli and I. I am pretty sure that was one of the reasons B and I decided that maybe it was time for our little blessing! Love you Mateo! You are truly a blessing to everyone in our family and friends!

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