Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jayden- 3 years slide show

So, I got hooked on smile box. Here is a slideshow with Jayden's favorite song from Toy Story. There are pictures from the last 3 years. My baby boy is so big!

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jayden's 3rd Birthday party- Sneak Peak

Here are a few pictures from Jayden's 3rd Birthday party decorations. B and I spent the whole day getting the final decorations together. It was a long day of putting things together but now that we are pretty much done, it is finally looking together. We will get all the decoration out on Friday night and just leave Saturday to last minute cleaning up.
We are praying for great weather for the kids to enjoy themselves on Saturday!I generally do not consider myself creative at all, but must say, I am pleased with my work : )

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fertility update

We have prayed about our decision and I am going ahead and getting surgery for my suspected endometriosis. It is scheduled for March 8th. Please keep me in your prayers. I truly appreciate it. I hate being put under! But I know it will all be worth to be one step closer to getting pregnant. If they allowed me to do it awake, I would! Our RE (reproductive endocrinologist, fertility specialist) recommended the laparoscopic surgery (go in through the belly button) or go straight to IVF. I need to fix the problem so that is why we feel the lap is the best option for us right now. I am getting on birth control to thin my lining on day 5, and surgery is on day 14 of my cycle. So we will sit this cycle out. I have the most beautiful peace you could possibly imagine about all this. I know I have a great God with great plans for us. It has not been an easy road, but I want to do this His way and will follow His lead wherever it leads us. We have been blessed through this hard journey. Most OBgyns do not refer a couple to a specialist until at least a year. We were actively trying for 7 months before I got in to see the specialist. He knew from my first meeting and suspected endo right away. The cycle day 3 blood work proved his suspicion. My AMH (ovarian reserve) was on the low end at 0.87. Needs to be at 1. My FSH (follicle stimulating hormore) was also a little high at 7. That needs to be below 6. He thinks I might be at Stage II endo. The more cysts (and way more factors go into it) they find, the higher the stage. In the middle of this journey (we have been officially trying for 9 cycles, going in to 10 now), I remember I kept asking God how much longer. He never led me to think what we are facing now, because He knew I was not ready to hear it. I think I might have mentioned our chances of getting pregnant on our own in a previous post. I think the RE lowered it some more this last time we saw him, 2-4%. Again, our God is so much greater than statistics, I am not worried about them! During my prayer time yesterday, God led me to Matthew 6:8 ".. for your Father knows what you need before you ask him". Yes, He does! I read the whole chapter and another verse I liked was Matthew 6:34 "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself". I am choosing to trust in Him every step of the way. I am no longer asking when God, instead I am choosing to be grateful with everything I have been blessed with. I will leave the worrying to do the Lord. He handles it a lot better than I do!

Jayden's 3 year old pictures

Last Sunday was an absolutely beautiful day! I had hoped to take Jayden's 3 year old pictures at a place near the house and very close to my in laws. It is an almost "famous" place between photographers in the Houston area. There is a photography business right around the corner from there and lots of people are always there shooting family and kid pictures. Anyways, I shot these with my Nikkor 50mm 1.8 F lens. I am stuck with that lens. It takes such beautiful pictures, and I really do not do much! LOL

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's and fertility update

Happy Valentine's Day! I took a few pictures of the boys (Jayden and my nephew, Mateo) helping me decorate a heart cake I made. They just loved sprinkling the sprinkles! They loved it so much they put one entire bottle on the cake! I also got creative and made cute butterfly Valentine cards that I saw on Pinterest. Took me forever to make but they came out cute!

Finally, as far as an update on the fertility side. We met with Dr. D today. I had an ultrasound on Monday and it looked like I had not ovulated like the fertility monitor had confirmed as well as my temperature. I was devastated. I did not need anything else to go against me! God always has a better plan anyways : ) Well, Dr. D said since I ovulated earlier that is why it was not seen on the ultrasound. But everything was fine on the ultrasound anyways. We have two options: Go straight to IVF (I know he went there first because of my insurance coverage for it) or treat the endometriosis he really suspects I have. My bloodwork is also indicative on endo. My AMH was 0.87 and needs to be over 1, so not terribly bad but none the less, low. My FSH was also too high, 7 and it needs to be below 6. So, we will pray about it but I really think God is leading us to outpatient surgery. I will be out for 3-4 days after that. I took this a great sign. I was so happy to hear that God is always working on our behalf even when we think everything is falling apart. I want to treat the endo because I will always have it, even after I do get pregnant.
I will keep you updated when the surgery will take place.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Jayden almost 3 years old

I took these pictures yesterday at a brunch I went to with girlfriends. B was playing golf (last minute), so I brought Jayden with me. It has been chilly in Houston these past few days. We have gotten spoiled with spring like weather! Jayden is 3 weeks from turning 3 so I took a few pictures of him while he was playing around. I shot these with my 50mm Nikkor lens for my Nikon D3100. I have not been shooting as much, and I sure miss it, especially when I get great shots like these! : )

Friday, February 3, 2012

Potty Trained!

Our big boy in his big boy underwear.

Our big boy is really growing up! He has been "potty training" for about 2 months. He has now been wearing big boy underwear all day for about a week now! We are still working on going #2, because like most children, he is terrified of falling in the toilet. We did not push him, I guess because we were in no rush, and just decided to start going on his own full time. No more pull ups during the day! He is still wearing some at night just in case but I think he can make it throught the night without any accidents. He is exaclty 1 month away from his 3rd birthday and he is very excited to celebrate it. We are planning a big party for him, he is our only one : ) and I am in the midst of all the decorations already. Whew!