Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's and fertility update

Happy Valentine's Day! I took a few pictures of the boys (Jayden and my nephew, Mateo) helping me decorate a heart cake I made. They just loved sprinkling the sprinkles! They loved it so much they put one entire bottle on the cake! I also got creative and made cute butterfly Valentine cards that I saw on Pinterest. Took me forever to make but they came out cute!

Finally, as far as an update on the fertility side. We met with Dr. D today. I had an ultrasound on Monday and it looked like I had not ovulated like the fertility monitor had confirmed as well as my temperature. I was devastated. I did not need anything else to go against me! God always has a better plan anyways : ) Well, Dr. D said since I ovulated earlier that is why it was not seen on the ultrasound. But everything was fine on the ultrasound anyways. We have two options: Go straight to IVF (I know he went there first because of my insurance coverage for it) or treat the endometriosis he really suspects I have. My bloodwork is also indicative on endo. My AMH was 0.87 and needs to be over 1, so not terribly bad but none the less, low. My FSH was also too high, 7 and it needs to be below 6. So, we will pray about it but I really think God is leading us to outpatient surgery. I will be out for 3-4 days after that. I took this a great sign. I was so happy to hear that God is always working on our behalf even when we think everything is falling apart. I want to treat the endo because I will always have it, even after I do get pregnant.
I will keep you updated when the surgery will take place.

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