Sunday, March 4, 2012

Jayden's 3rd Birthday Party

Well, we did it! His party was a success and do not think we will be able to repeat this! We did go kind of all out this time. I mostly blame Pinterest. Ha! There are so many cute ideas in one website and makes it so easy to search for. Everything looks so cute and so simple. Simple it was not. But it was all worth it! Every hour we spent getting ready and planning it all out. And it was lots of hours. It really kept my mind busy (my surgery is coming up) and it was great to have something to look forward to. We had pretty amazing weather on Saturday. It was in the high 60s and a little windy, but not terribly bad. We had about 30 kids, maybe. I think I made 40 goody bags and have about 5 left.
Enjoy the pictures!

The cake (my mom made it and I was her assistant. Let me just say- it was so hard to make! Much respect to all pro bakers out there).

The food- Chicken Feed (Chex mix), Hay (pretzels), Jayden's Garden (veggies).

Old Mc Donald' Mac N Cheese

Pig and cow cupcakes. (Easier to see on here) The kids loved them. They were gone in 2 seconds!
Inspiration found on Pinterest. Here is the link:

Chicken and cow cupcakes.

The cupcakes.

Home made banner. Used plates from Dollar Tree and cow print and letter printed on my printer.

The Gonzales family as farmers!

The birthday boy. He just woke up from a 2 hr nap, hence the serious face : )

The farm animal hats came from Oriental Trading, goody bags from Hobby Lobby, most of the candy from Cracker Barrel and most of the ribbon came from Michaels.

The pinata. I got this from a place that makes the pinatas hand made. Takes them about 2 days to make any design you would like. I just bought this one off the shelf.

The petting zoo" Miniature pony.

The pony ride. The kids love them!

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