Friday, March 9, 2012

Lap Surgery Update

I had my lap surgery yesterday. Overall it went pretty well and I'm recovering well. I checked in at 630am yesterday and went into surgery at about 745am. B was with me until then. I remember seeing the bright lights in the surgery room and I was out. I was in recovery by 915am. Dr. D removed mild endo and the big fibroid I had issues with when pregnant with Jayden. It was as big as a grapefruit at its biggest point. Dr. D said I had a lot of scar tissue from it as well. I had 3 fibroids, and I believe he said he removed all 3 as well as the endo. He really thinks that is what was causing my infertility. I'm so relieved he removed it. I did not want to have the same issues with our 2nd baby. I had threatened miscarriage, placenta previa and pre term labor scares with Jayden. I know God's plan is perfect and I felt the most peace going into surgery and now. Almost like a joy! Weird to explain but I know I'm in good hands with our Lord. I have 3 very small incisions: my navel, on my right side (where the big fibroid and scar tissue were) and above my pubic bone. My mom was there in recovery with me and I came back to her house and slept most of the day yesterday. The pain kicked in about 130pm so I took 2 pain pills as 1 was not cutting it. I slept until 4pm. I was alternating between 1-2 pills every 4 hours yesterday. It's mostly just an uncomfortable feeling but the gas pains (they use gas to blow up your belly during surgery) hurt the most. Dr. D told me to lay flat all day yesterday to prevent the gas from traveling to my shoulders. I did about 85-90% of the time yesterday (lay down). I took 2 pain pills before bed at 930pm but woke up uncomfortable at about 2am. So I took another one. I woke up feeling sore but for the most part I'm feeling well. I'm back at my parents in bed today while Jayden and Mateo (my nephew) are downstairs with my mom.
I'm so grateful for everyone that has called, texted or emailed me. It is touching to see how many people are rooting for me. I know in God's perfect timing, we wil get pregnant soon. I have complete peace that He will carry us through the tough times and the joy is right over the hill.

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