Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Two week wait

So, I am officially in the two week wait of my 13th cycle! I have become a pro, it seems!, at this, but it is still hard to wait to see if I get that BFP (big fat positive). After praying about it, we decided on not using the trigger this month. It was also going to cost $105! My insurance covers fertility at 100% (which we are so grateful for) but does not cover any fertility injections. Go figure! At my cycle day 12 scan (mid cycle scan), my follicle on right ovary was 19 mm with a lining of 13 mm which is great. I ended up ovulating on cycle day 16, which I confirm with ovulation predictor kit, clear blue easy fertility monitor and my body basal temperature. After tomorrow's temperature, I will be putting the thermometer up and relaxing these last few days. Stressing over it is not going to help. It's God's Will after all and I rather wait and stay sane while doing so.

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