Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fertility news: First Trigger/ IUI

I am still not comfortable sharing my infertility journey on my other blog, so I will update my journey on here. On Saturday, I had my first IUI. We took 2 months off Clomid, and this was my fourth round on it. I bought my trigger shot (Ovidrel) from a fertility pharmacy in Ohio (recommended by a great friend there). So, the trigger shot had been waiting in my fridge for a week. I went into my mid cycle scan appointment on Friday, and the nurse said I was ready. I had a 22mm and 18mm follicle on my right and 15mm on my left. It was the sweetest words to hear! I did not expect to have 3 follies! I made 1 on my first 2 rounds of Clomid, and 3 on the 3rd round. I quickly went home to give myself trigger shot and scheduled IUI for the next day. It was all happening so quick. I knew trusting in God and His perfect plan had a lot to do with it. B made an A in his report card with a count of 64 million and 98% motility. The procedure was quick and painless. Now we are in the infamous 2ww (two week wait). I'm at peace knowing God has the final say and His timing is perfect. Katherine

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