Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fertility News: Moving on to IVF

We are moving on to IVF. Met with our RE yesterday and we talked about the process: birth control for 3 weeks, then a baseline scan (internal ultrasound) and my injections will start (yikes!). Good thing I'm ok with needles and don't mind getting them or giving them to myself. Ultrasounds and blood work every 2-3 days. Then the egg retrieval (I will be put under) and my RE has decided on 5 day transfer. He will stimulate me more (up my injection dosage) than most women my age (32) because of my low AMH (0.86). This is pretty much IVF in a nutshell. I reminded my RE how we sat in his office in February of this year, and IVF was the last thing on our minds. And now, 10 months later, we have felt God's peace in going ahead with treatment. I really love my RE and his faith in leaving it up to God always. He suggested lots of prayer and anything to keep my stress down during this process. I am trying not to get overwhelmed with this process and have decided to leave each day up to God. Thanks for reading! Katherine


amy said...

Hi :) You found me and I found you ;) Looks like we are on very similar paths. I look forward to following your journey as well, keep us updated! Keep the faith :)

Unknown said...

Nice post, the best.