Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fertility News: Day 8 of Stims

Good afternoon friends!
I am waiting to get blood work. I still have 9 follicles that are looking good. They range from 9mm to 22mm. There are other smaller ones (4) but I doubt they will catch up at this point. I'm hoping the 9mm catches up with more time. I ordered 3 more vials of Menopur and 1 Cetrotide that will be here tomorrow morning. Depending of what my blood work shows, Dr. D might let me do meds Friday night. They just want to make sure my estrogen levels are not extremely high because of risk of OHSS (ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome). So Saturday might be my last day of injections with the very last injection, Ovidrel, and that will induce ovulation.
I'll update on my levels are up (online) and hear back from the nurse this afternoon. I texted B and told me him that we are really doing this! I feel so blessed to have had a great experience with this thus far. For having 11-12 follicles growing in my uterus, I feel pretty good!
Thanks for your prayers,

Update: My E2 levels are 1600, which are good. I am now scheduled for another scan tomorrow. I know Dr. D wants to make sure we get those eggies before they get much bigger and lose them. I might be doing the Egg Retrieval this weekend.

Picture of my shots these past few days.

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