Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fertility News: Day 9 of stims

Good morning friends!
My scan shows only 8 follicles are close enough for retrieval. The biggest is already at 24mm. I will most likely take my last shot tonight, Ovidrel, to induce ovulation. My egg retrieval being on Saturday. I will know for sure this afternoon when nurse calls me.

Thanks for reading,

UPDATE: I'm still waiting to hear back from the nurse. But I check the patient portal online and my Egg Retrieval looks to be on Sunday morning. I should be doing my last round of injections (Gonal F, Menopur, Cetrotide) tonight.
Tomorrow night I will give myself Ovidrel to induce ovulation at 730pm and Cetrotide to stop ovulation in case my body wants to ovulate early. My E2 was 1900, so it's good. One more night to let those follies grow!
We are doing this! I'm getting anxious. But I know God is by my side through this entire process. He never let me go!

This is a picture after taking my last shot, Cetrotide, last night. I must have hit a vessel. Euww. I got a nasty bruise from it this morning. Sorry for the bare belly and pink pj's : )


amy said...

WOW! 24 is great!! Mine never got over 20 or 21 I don't think. I feel awful for that knot on your stomach, that looks so painful :( Oh, the price we pay I tell ya! Yayay, can't wait to hear more! How exciting :)

Katherine said...

Thanks Amy! I know what we do to our bodies : ) Im anxiously awaiting my nurse to call.