Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fertility news: Injections continue

My nightly routine continues, and will continue for about 1 1/2 weeks. The injections are really not bad at all. Wondering why I was getting anxious last week. I think going into the unknown is probably the hardest part. Also, the hard part is mixing all the little vials of my Menopur. I think I've mentioned that my RE is pushing my body more because of my low AMH (ovarian reserve). So, instead of mixing my medication with saline, I have to mix two vials. My Gonal- F amount is also higher. My friend, who is a couple of weeks ahead in the process, is my go to for questions. It is great to have someone to understand every step of this process. My meds were also $3000 more than hers. Again, because of my higher dose. I'm truly amazed of how calm I am being through this process. I am leaving it all up to God, and His peace is Amazing! This kind if peace is God-given, because I'm certainly not the calmest person at all. I am also amazed of how far my faith in Him has grown through this journey. I really didn't think I could love Him and yearn to learn His Word more, but I am. So, I continue to leave it all to Him. His plan is much greater than mine after all!

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