Friday, November 16, 2012

Fertility News: Last day of injections

Hi friends,
I just took my last 2 injections. I took the Ovidrel (to induce ovulation and release of my eggs) at 730 tonight. I took the Cetrotide at 10pm, my usual time. Ovidrel causes ovulation 36 hours later. I will have my egg retrieval on Sunday morning, right at 730am. I was originally scheduled for my egg retrieval on Monday with a different doctor from the same clinic I go to. I confirmed today that it will be my RE, whom I absolutely love, who will be doing my retrieval! I am so thankful for the care Dr. D has given me. I remember the list my OBgyn had given me back in September last year. I didn't know who to choose, so I prayed. I know God placed me in Dr. D's hands for a reason. I say this even before knowing what the outcome of this will be. But I know this, Dr. D wil do his absolute best with me as I know he does with all his patients.
So, to God be the Glory. For every step in this journey that's still left to be taken. He's got it under control, and thank God for that!
Thanks for reading,Katherine

Picture of my last two shots.

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