Monday, November 12, 2012

Fertility News: Day 6 of Stims

Good morning.
I just left my ultrasound scan appointment. I have 8 follicles- 4 on each side. The biggest one measuring 17mm and the smallest, 9mm. They want them all to be as close to 20mm as possible. I added my third shot last night, Cetrotide. It was not as bad to mix since the syringe comes pre filled. I'm feeling great, in spite of all the follies growing in my body. My concern now is that I will run out of the injection that they had me increase
on Friday. It wouldn't be a big deal, but these meds are into the $ thousands.
I am calling the nurse to see what we need to do. This should be my last few days of meds, with hopefully the last shot, Ovidrel, on Saturday. Ovidrel
induces ovulation.
Thanks for reading and your prayers. They are truly appreciated!
Update: My blood work looks good. I will continue with Gonal F 225, Menopur 225 and Cetrotide injections. My friend will kindly donate her Menopur and I will get a few samples on Wednesday when I go in for my next scan and blood work. I will probably have to order more Menopur (I have to do 3 vials of 75 each every night). They are about $75 per vial, and you can imagine the cost, as these little vials add up. Again, I am so blessed to have my insurance cover it all, but I have a lifetime maximum that I am quickly approaching. I got online to read more info on follicles and Estradiol (estrogen) levels. My Estradiol levels (or E2) look good at 766. I'm more worried about my follicles. Some women at same day as me, have closer to 20 follicles! (I had 8 at today's scan). Again, trusting that the Lord has this all in His hands. All I have to do is keep on having faith that He will come thru for us. And He will!

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