Friday, November 23, 2012

Fertility News: Transfer Day!

We just left the IVF lab. We transferred 2 very good embryos! The worst thing was having an extremely full bladder. But the transfer was fairly quickly (10 mins). I will find out Monday if we were able to freeze the other 3. Dr. D is hoping for at least 2 to be frozen. But they will freeze them tomorrow on day 6, if they look good. And for some reason, I am at peace with this. Now the waiting begins. We are at complete peace that this is all God's hands!
Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers,
Dear Lord- Please help me to have patience and faith while I wait to hear from You. Help me live in excited anticipation for the day when I will see how You answered my prayers. Amen.
I found this in my inbox today from Proverbs 31 Ministries. I love how God uses every little detail (an email, call from a friend, etc) to further advance His will in our lives and to be reminded that His Plan (and timing) is perfect!

Before the transfer.

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The Moras said...

I just went through your whole journey on your blog and it's so touching to see your feelings in writing! We are all standing in faith that your prayers will be answered! Love you, sis!