Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fertility News: Betas

Hi friends,
We had our betas (bloodwork to measure hcg). The first one was on Dec. 3 at 10dp5dt (10 days post 5 day transfer) or 15 dpo (15 days post ovulation). My result was 506!!! Anything over 2, but they like to see at least 50, means your pregnant. So it coud be twins!!! My second beta 48 hours later and 17 dpo was 1173! What a blessing! We are beyond thrilled! Now we wait until Dec. 19th to hopefully hear baby(ies) heartbeat(s). I am feeling great for the most part. I am 5 weeks today. We know God has blessed us and will bless us the entire 36+ weeks. We will wait to announce to close family and friends until then. So, for now these posts will be on drafts : ) Love, Katherine
Ps I wroe this on 12/3/12 and posted after ultrasound.

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