Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fertility news: It's two miracles!!!

Hi friends, I had my first ultrasound today. I have been anxious and excited these past two days. We got there early and the u/s tech brought us in right on time with our appointment. As soon as she started the scan, she saw the two babies. She announced we were having twins! I was hoping she would let us see the u/s. We saw the beautiful heart beats and then heard them. It was such an emotional feeling to hear them! We are blessed beyond words and know that God will bless us with a healthy pregnancy and babies. Baby A's heartbeat was 119 and baby B was 131. At around 6 weeks the normal range is 90-110. Thank you fr your continued prayers!


K & B

Baby A is on top (closer to my uterus), that is why it looks bigger. Baby B on bottom.


amy said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!! How exciting!!!! So incredibly happy for you! I've been checking and checking, waiting for an update. Thank you Lord, what a blessing(s). Can't wait to follow you on this fun journey!! Congrats!!

p.s. I don't go to BC too much anymore, I need to pop over there and check on everyone. I'm glad you have a blog though, so I can keep up with you :)

Katherine said...

Thank you Amy! We feel so incredibly blessed! I'll stop by your blog and see how you are doing.