Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What a blessing!

Hi friends,
I have been tired this week. I passed out on the couch both Wednesday and Friday before 8pm. I didn't even have the energy to tuck Jayden into bed those nights. B went upstairs with him. I felt cramping on Monday (3 days post transfer) and Tuesday nights.
B wanted me to test last night. I was supposed to go into work for a couple hours this morning. But the doctor had no cases after all. I knew God had planned it so I could test after all and stay home with B to enjoy the news. I woke up about 530am and could not hold it any longer (peeing that is!) but I left the test on the counter. I woke B up 5 mins later. I told him to go look and only come back if it was positive. He never came back. So I went looking for him. And I saw it! I couldn't believe it! I had prayed before testing, 1 Samuel 1:27, "We prayed for this child and The Lord has granted our petition". I have prayed this prayer many times over these 18 months. I knew in my heart that one day He would.
We cried and prayed, thanking The Lord for this blessing. To watch over this pregnancy until full term. We pray for healthy baby (ies) and are forever grateful. On this first day of the last month of this year, God has blessed us with a miracle. He is after all, in the miracle-making business!
K & B
PS I originally wrote this on Dec. 1, 2012, but did not post until day of first ultrasound.

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