Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pregnancy News: 12 week appt

Hi friends,

I had my 12 week appt with my perinatalogist/ MFM doctor. She's a high risk doctor and my OB referred me to her as she refers all women with multiples. Ill be seeing Ob/ peri every 2 weeks. I'm excited for all the extra monitoring, which means we'll get to see babies on u/s every time!

Here is a picture of both babies. I also had NT scan (measures neck to look for Down syndrome). Both babies are healthy! Praise The Lord! We are waiting for bloodwork results for more testing. We stand in faith that those will come out normal as well.

And the exciting news, Baby A looks to be a girl!!! The doctor was so sure and confident she is. Baby B, we could not tell. Could be a boy because something is showing but also a girl. Ill see her again in 4 weeks. So we wait. We feel so blessed that they are healthy and that is truly what matters : )



amy said...

What sweet pics!! How exciting that you're going to have at least one girl :) Yippee! Everything sounds like it's going great. So happy for you!! xoxo

Katherine said...

Amy- Thanks! I'm calling it preliminary results : ) Hopefully both babies will be confirmed at 16weeks. So grateful for healthy babies : )
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