Monday, February 11, 2013

Pregnancy News and Switching blogs

Hi friends!
I am 14 weeks, which means I'm officially in the second trimester!! I will be switching over to our other, more public blog to discuss the rest of my pregnancy. (Here is the my other blog, Jag Style Blog). I will leave this blog open, as this was the place I wrote about our infertility struggles, and even starting with my pregnancy with J (our oldest son). If I could give 1 person hope, then it's worth sharing the pain we felt through our struggle. But most importantly, the love of Our Lord, God Almighty, whom we give all the credit for our miracle twins.
Thanks for joining me on this journey,

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amy said...

Hi!! Don't mean to comment about myself, but wanted to drop by and just tell you I'm doing great (since you asked ;) ). We find out Wednesday what we're having, so I will do a post after that! I'm just being a lazy blogger. Hope you and those sweet babes are doing fabulous! xoxo