Friday, May 31, 2013

Pregnancy News: (Almost) 30 weeks!

Hi friends,
I am 29 weeks, 5 days today, so almost 30 weeks! What a miracle to have made it this far! I am so amazed by God's Amazing Grace through all this. For keeping me sane on complete hospital bed rest, but most importantly, for the health of our beautiful miracles. Looking back at the last 10 weeks (3 weeks at home and 7 in the hospital), I realized how blessed we are. Everytime I found myself complaining of this journey, I reminded myself of how women would love to be in my shoes. How many women have had to deliver their babies at a super premie stage (less than 28 weeks) or worse, before 24 weeks and almost no chance at survival. It has taught me to be so grateful, even in this circumstance. It was not the pregnancy I imagined. But I find comfort in knowing God always has a perfect Will. It has taught me to question it but to rejoice in it. There is good in every hard situation. Just have to be patient (and take the blindfold off) to see it. 
We are so blessed to have so many praying for us. The power of prayer! Never, ever, underestimate it! It moves mountains just with a mustard seed of faith. My OB came by today and is so amazed that I have made it this far. No one in this hospital thought I would make it to 30 weeks. And here we are. We still have a road ahead of us but I've learned to let Our Lord take care of it all. It truly is in hands, after all. 
I had an ultrasound yesterday. The babies have gained a pound in 3 weeks! Ava is now 3 lbs 10 oz and Aiden 3lbs 2oz. My doctors are so thrilled with their weights since they are so big! Aiden's placenta is losing strength. Nothing to worry about, my perinatalogist said, just monitor it closely. This is the reason for the decelerations he has been having with his heart rate. Ill have another ultrasound in 10 days. Ill be able to move around more (yay!) at 32 weeks. Peri thinks I'm 5 cm dilated and only thing holding everything together in my womb is Ava. Her head is so low she is plugging my cervix. Peri said its a miracle because our babies would've been born already! 
So if anything changes and need to get babies out, looking at 32 weeks. And I still think we'll still make it to 34 : ) That's in 1 month. Yay! Can't believe it!
Thanks to my wonderful parents, sister and nephew who have been here 5 days a week for the last 7 weeks. Their support has been beyond words!
And of course, my wonderful husband and son. B has been here 7 days a week for the last 7 weeks. I always known how blessed I have been to have him as my husband. And know words can not describe the blessing and love I feel in my heart for him. He honestly has had it a lot harder than me! He comes to hospital after work, and then goes home to give Jayden a bath and get him ready for bed every single night. He then spends all weekend with me at the hospital. And now, in about 2 months, we will be celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary! 
And my Jayden- he is going to miss mommy being in the hospital, seriously. He gets my undivided attention. We play on my bed. Some of our games have been Big brother and little brother with his toys, mommy and daddy, camping under the "tent" which is my bed sheet and telling scary stories in the dark. At home our mommy/ son time was baking cookies but now he has made the best out of this situation, and loves our play time. 
We'll keep taking it one day at a time and know Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will continue to carry us through them!

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