Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pregnancy News: 33 weeks!

Hi friends,
I'm 33 weeks and counting down now. My ob has said 36 would be max. We have to let my perinatalogist decide but I know they are both so happy I've made it this far! I was starting to get antsy around 30 weeks. Knowing that I've made it that far, but was still looking at 4-6 wks left! But at 32 weeks, my ob gave me bathroom privileges! Who would've thought using regular restroom and shower would be life's little luxuries! It was hard getting up the first 3 days. The nurse told me to stop sprinting out of bed, can you blame me??? After a week, I'm a pro and getting up now great. My blood pressure has now gone back to my normal (110/60) as it had been in 80/50 range. I have started physical therapy, in bed, to strengthen my muscles. Hope to walk some more before delivery so I can be ready afterwards. 
Also had another ultrasound. Ava is weighing 4 lbs 8 oz! She is in the 46th percentile. Aiden is 3 lbs 10 oz and in the 19th percentile. They both passed their biophysical profiles with 8 of 8. They are still watching Aiden because he is behind his sister on weight and still has occasional heart decelerations. I will have another u/s next week and my doctors will make the decision to deliver or keep me going at that point. 
I can't believe we are almost there!! B has been so great and washing all the babies' newborn/ preemie clothing I bought for the hospital.
Thank you all for all the continued prayers. God is amazing and the reason I have made it this far! Our babies have had an additional 72 days in utero while I've been on hospital bed rest. Plus the 3 weeks I spent on bed rest at home. 
Our Lord has taught me that All things are truly possible with Him!
B and K

My big boy and I.

3 monitors 3 times a day. Yes, that's my belly underneath. 2 monitors to measure babies' heart rates and 1 to see any contractions.

Computer screen: Babies' heart rate on top, contraction monitor on bottom.

View outside my window. Looks beautiful at night!
Jayden's Big brother to twins shirt via Etsy

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pregnancy News: 32 weeks!!!

Hi friends! I've made it to 32 weeks, by the Grace of God!! I think these last couple/ few weeks are going to be hard, in the sense that we (B and I) are so done. We are so grateful to make it this far but at the same time, done with being in the hospital. But then we are reminded how blessed to have made it this far!
What's a couple more weeks?? I guess when we try to rely on ourselves to get through these last few weeks, it seems impossible. In a way, it is. The beginning was hard because it was so early when I came in to the hospital. Fear makes everything "seem" impossible. But we have been reminded how awesome Our Lord is. He has given me the strength to stay sane. After all, this is mostly a mental game. I also had the physical battles to overcome (incompetent cervix, pre term labor). I was at peace knowing God would help me overcome the physical battles, but nothing compared to the feeling of knowing My God was there went I felt lonely, scared, bored, defeated and the list goes on. 
Now, we will continue to have faith to make it to 34 weeks, our next major goal. I keep saying "we" because B and I feel like 34 is our maximum limit. My doctors will push to 36. That seems impossible! But on this Father's Day we do continue to be reminded to be so grateful! "For Nothing is Impossible for God!" Luke 1:37
B and K

Jayden and Mateo at Lil Ninja Class

Aiden's little head. You can see Ava's feet on top. She's been (and still is) kicking his head and cord. Aiden has been having some decelarations in his heart rate. He has passed BPP (Biophysical profile) with 8 over 8. So, my doctors say its because baby girl is kicking the cord. All normal part of sharing mommy's womb! At 31 wks, he was weighing 3 lbs 8 oz.

Ava's u/s. Her head is very low. She's the one blocking my cervix and keeping her and her brother safe in my womb. At 31 wks, she weighed 3 lbs 15 oz. Also got 8 of 8 on her BPP.

Daddy's 1st Father's Day card (from Ava and Aiden)

Jayden's Father's Day card. Notice his name is spelled to the left. He said he ran out of room and is allowed to write to the left if he does. Stubborn like his mommy!

32 weeks! Words of wisdom from daddy.